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Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold

We recently painted the black stripes on this 1967 Camaro. Our painter, our artist, was not content with plain black stripes. After talking with the owner, he added a touch of gold metallic to the black stripes. Click on continue reading more more and a close up of the gold.

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Upgraded Exhaust on a Ferrari F430


We upgraded the exhaust system on this Ferrari F430. Just have a listen to this! Click on continue reading to see some photos of the exhaust in the car.


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Coming Together - Body & Chassis Reunited

In this short 4 minute video you can see as our team reunited the body of this 1969 Oldsmobile 442 with its chassis. I was glad I was there to capture it.

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Hot & Cold - Advanced Metal Techniques


Using heat and cold is an advanced technique for straightening metal. In the early days of automobile manufacturing panels were rarely complete straight even when a vehicle was new. It wasn't until more advanced processes for shaping metal came about in the 60s and 70s that panels were more reliably even and straight. Click on continue reading to see how we use heating and cooling metal to straighten the door panel on this pickup truck.


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Updated A/C in a Classic Corvette


There is no reason not to have modern air conditioning in your classic car. Take this Corvette. It was factory equipped with A/C. Yet we are updating it to a modern A/C system by Vintage Air. Click on continue reading to see more pictures of this car apart.


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Bag and Tag - Body Off Restoration


Last we saw the Oldsmobile 442 it was getting its body removed form its frame. You can see more about that here. This time we want to show you how and why we bag and tags the parts when we disassemble the car. It is very important to keep track of everything when you take a car apart. Click on continue reading to see more on this process with this Olds 442.


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Very Satisfied Customer


It is a rare thing these days to receive an actual letter. People just don't spend the time anymore. So when you do get a real, actual letter it means a lot. We did a restoration on Mr. Barnes 1969 MGB Roadster, and he sent us a bonafide letter. PLEASE click on continue reading to read what Mr. Barnes had to say. It is as much about the work we do as it is about keeping peoples love of their cars alive.


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Separate Ways - Body Off Restoration

If you have ever heard the term "Body Off Restoration" but did not really understand what that meant, you are in for a treat. We took a few photos and a quick video of our guys as they separated the body from the frame of this 1969 Oldsmobile 442. As you can see, we literally take the body off of the frame. The frame will be media-blasted and powder-coated, and the body will be media-blasted before we begin making it "laser straight." Click continue reading for more on this car and those processes.


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Making a Classic Driveable

Here we have a 1965 Ford Thunderbird. We just finished installing a FAST Fuel Injection system on this car. The car is already equipped with aftermarket Air Conditioning. The owner is trying to make the car as driveable as possible. By converting this car to fuel injection we are able to make the car more reliable with easier starting, more dependable with consistent fuel delivery and overall more pleasurable to drive. No worries about stumbling, or vapor lock (a condition where the fuel in the lines is so hot it essentially boils and won't flow). If you are not driving your classic on a regular basis, and the reason is that it does not drive well enough, come in and have our experts see if a fuel injection conversion can work for you. Click on continue reader to see more pics of this wonderful Thunderbird.


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Saving a Torino

Torino before and after

This Ford Torino was pretty badly rotted... in and around the roof. No replacement roof panel (or skin) is available for these. We had to remove the rotted metal and replace with custom fabricated metal just to get it solid. Have a look at the photos below and see how much work went into getting the roof and quarter panels straight as an arrow. Click the continue reading link to see the progress of the work on the Torino roof line.


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What is a Barn Find?

In the automotive collector world the term "Barn Find" gets bandied about quite a bit. This term brings up wishful thinking about finding a classic, old car sitting in a barn. The term refers to find a car that was tucked away in storage for a long time. Forgotten about. Then someone comes along and discovers some hidden gem that could be restored into something special. Many times that is a distortion of the truth. People will call any car that has been sitting in a garage for years a barn find.


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What is a Guide Coat

A term some of you may have heard of is a guide coat. This 67 Camaro is in the final steps to prepare it for paint. Click on continue reading to understand what a guide coat is and how we use it to achieve a show quality finish on this, or your classic car.


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Renown to the Rescue - With Hydrographics

Recently a group of Ferrari enthusiasts embarked on a spirited drive through the Texas Hill Country. Several of the cars damaged their diffusers (the lower part at the rear of the car, below the bumper). Here at Renown this is something we can repair to show quality levels. Click continue reading for more on the options we offer to fix these diffusers, including a special process know as Hydrographics.


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