We recently painted the black stripes on this 1967 Camaro. Our painter, our artist, was not content with plain black stripes. After talking with the owner, he added a touch of gold metallic to the black stripes. Click on continue reading more more and a close up of the gold.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Pic_55298.jpgYou can't see the gold in the lead photo above. It is much too subtle for that. You will need to see it in person... and in the sun. It really pops then.

Here is a close-up of the stripes with the flashlight from an iPhone shining into the paint. Notice, that even with a flashlight shining on the paint it is still just a subtle tint of gold metallic. You don't see the gold very far from the point of light. In sunlight this will be a very light detail that will really be impressive to look at. Feel free to click on either photo to see a high resolution version.