Our experience and expertise has led us to develop systems and processes to help define project objectives and execute the build according to the agreed time frame and budget. From full frame off restoration to a simple cosmetic update, you can depend on Renown Auto Restoration.

The following is a normal restoration process. Each vehicle may vary depending on the condition with different additions or deletions. Specific modifications and upgrades may also be added based on customer’s request and we can insert these into the restoration process.

Mechanical Evaluation – Inspection
Body Evaluation – Inspection
Body Opening Evaluation – Inspection
Sheet Metal Evaluation – Inspection
Frame Evaluation – Inspection
Vehicle Dis-Assembly
Parts Catalog – Storage
Frame De-greasing
Glass Removal
Weather Strip Removal
Body Tar – Undercoating Removal
Media Blasting – Soda or Glass Media
Sheet Metal Prep – Cleaning – De-greasing

Epoxy Primer – Sprayed on all metal parts
Exterior Trim – Evaluation- Chrome – Re-chrome
Sheet Metal Evaluation after Media Blasting
Vehicle Inspection – Review by Customer
Long Term Plan With Customer
Sheet Metal Repairs – Panel Replacement – Patch Panels
Sheet Metal Repairs – Body Lines – Aligned – Panel
Door Gaps – Aligned – Trimmed
Door Hinges Set
Hood Gaps Alignments
Deck Lid Alignments
Exterior Panels

Front Grille
Prep of Welded Areas
Body Work
Assembly of Vehicle
Drive Train Installation
Electrical System
Air Conditioning
Exterior Trim
Interior Assembly
Quality Control
Adjustments and Test Drive
Wash, Wax, & Polish