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Renown to the Rescue - With Hydrographics

Recently a group of Ferrari enthusiasts embarked on a spirited drive through the Texas Hill Country. Several of the cars damaged their diffusers (the lower part at the rear of the car, below the bumper). Here at Renown this is something we can repair to show quality levels. Click continue reading for more on the options we offer to fix these diffusers, including a special process know as Hydrographics.


Pictured below are 4 diffusers from that day. These were from clients of ours that were able to remove the diffusers themselves and bring them to our shop. Normally this diffuser is a matte black or matte gray finish from the factory. The two black ones and the bronze one are being done differently to suit the taste of the owners.

(Click on the photo to see a larger version)

The gloss black ones have a lot more pop to them than the factory matte black. The matte bronze color just stands out from the rest. However it is the one in gray primer that is going to be the star here. It is going to get a special Hydrographics process.

Hydrographics is a process that will apply a printed design to an object. For more information you can read this Wiki page. This process can be used to give the look of carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost. If you do not need the strength and light weight of carbon fiber, this is an excellent alternative. The diffuser in gray primer is being prepared for the Hydrographic process, which will cost drastically less than a carbon fiber part. Since this part is not crucial to be light weight it is a perfect chance to get a great appearance for significantly less money. (in case you want to know exactly what carbon fiber is, please read this Wiki article.)

The casual observer will likely never know it is not carbon fiber. I was fooled myself, until Rudy explained the process to me. It is amazing to see the final product. I hope to get a photograph of the finished diffuser so you can see it.

Stay tuned.

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