Very Satisfied Customer

It is a rare thing these days to receive an actual letter. People just don't spend the time anymore. So when you do get a real, actual letter it means a lot. We did a restoration on Mr. Barnes 1969 MGB Roadster, and he sent us a bonafide letter. PLEASE click on continue reading to read what Mr. Barnes had to say. It is as much about the work we do as it is about keeping peoples love of their cars alive.


Here is what Mr. Barnes wrote:

"In 1969 I bought a new MG MGB convertible which I have enjoyed driving ever since, from one end of this country to the other, and overseas. However, a while back I finally accepted the obvious: the years had severely taken their toll on my little gem. I decided that I owed my loyal friend a complete restoration, did my research, and found Renown Auto Restoration. From the beginning, I was impressed by the sense of ownership that they took in their responsibility to my vehicle and the personal relationship they have developed with me. They communicated with me through every phase of the project, even recommending a red color favored by Maserati as fitting the newly restored energy of my hot little sports machine. I have experienced the same joy I remembered from 48 years ago when I drove it from the showroom. Thank you, Renown, for your dedication to perfection, and the pride you take in a job so very well done. My vehicle is now restored to perfection and I will enjoy it for many years."

Thank you, Mr. Barnes, for your wonderful letter. It makes everyone here at Renown feel proud of the work we do knowing it is appreciated as much as you do.

Below is a custom photo we did on this car. Please com into Renown and see this image displayed large on our wall. It is quite and impressive car to see.


Bag and Tag - Body Off Restoration
Separate Ways - Body Off Restoration

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